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Site Changes, August, 1998

What's New?

For the past week we have been extremely busy on our day job and expect to be similarly busy most of this week as well. We hope to resume frequent updates toward the end of this week. In the meantime,
   Added to the Hymnals section:
        In The Garden
        Most Perfect Is the Law of God (based on Psalm 19)
        O Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal
        O How Love I Thy Law
   Added to the Psalms section (Psalms are in the Workshop)
        Psalm 96, Brady and Tate
        Psalm 97, Brady and Tate
        Psalm 98, Brady and Tate
        Psalm 99, Brady and Tate
        Psalm 100, Brady and Tate
        Psalm 102, Brady and Tate
Added to the Hymnals section:
      The One Whom the Father Sends
Added to the Hymnals Section
      Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O God
      Great is the Lord
Added to the Psalms section (Psalms are in the Workshop)
      Psalm 90, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 91, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 92, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 93, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 94, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 95, Brady and Tate
Corrected in the Hymnals section
      The Lord is My Shepherd, Montgomery version (link pointed to wrong version)
      They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven (Link pointed to wrong selection)
Added to the Hymnals Section
      O God Our Help In Ages Past, Isaac Watts, Psalm 90:1-5
      O Worship the King, All Glorious Above, (inspired by Psalm 104)
Added to the Psalms section.
      Psalm 90, Isaac Watts
      Psalm 104, Sternhold and Hopkins
Added several older Common Metre Psalm Tunes.
Selection of songs for services.
The Mark Graham feature of 7/31/98 was moved to the Library
Created a new "Mark Graham" page in the Hymnals section. We have a number of
additional songs that will eventually be added to this page, but for now we have added
these to the original 7/31/98 selection:
     God Will See Us Through (a very popular song from the UCG hymnal)
     Great God Who Made the Universe   This beautiful modern psalm brought to mind Psalm 19, so...  
visit The Workshop and try some additional versions of that Psalm. (This song is in CMD - the tune would work with several versions of Psalm 19, including the Scottish version.) 
Added to the Psalms section
      Psalm 19, Bay Psalm Book
      Psalm 19, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 19:1-6, Joseph Addision
          We now have seven versions of Psalm 19 available.
Added to the Hymnals section:
      I Love Thy Kingdom, O Lord (CGI title: I Love Thy Church, O Lord)
      I Know Whom I Have Believed
      I Need Thee Every Hour
      Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
      Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates (Based on Psalm 27)
      Love Devine, All Loves Excelling
Added to the Psalms section
      Psalm 107, Scottish
      Psalm 107, Isaac Watts
      Psalm 108, Scottish
      Psalm 108, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 109, Scottish
      Psalm 109, Isaac Watts
      Psalm 109, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 110, Scottish
      Psalm 110, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 110, Isaac Watts
      Psalm 111, Scottish
      Psalm 111, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 111, Isaac Watts
Added to the Hymnals section:
      Blest and Happy is the Man
      Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord
      Celebration of Life
      Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
      Declare His Works to All Nations
      Did You Think to Pray?
Added to the Psalms section:
      Psalm 1, Book of Psalms for Singing (Original words to "Blest and Happy is the Man")
Added to the Hymnals section:
      They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven
Added to the Psalms section:
      Psalm 27, Scottish
      Psalm 28, Scottish
      Psalm 80, Scottish
      Psalm 82, John Milton
      Psalm 82, Scottish
      Psalm 83, John Milton
      Psalm 83, Scottish
      Psalm 84, John Milton
      Psalm 84, Scottish
Added to the Psalms section:
      Psalm 107, Sternhold and Hopkins
      Psalm 107:21-31, John Quincy Adams (not new here, but now included in master Psalm index)
      Psalm 145, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 147, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 148, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 150, Brady and Tate
Minor updates to the Links page.
Added three new Short Metre tunes (older tunes, contemporary to The Bay Psalm Book)
Added to the Psalms section:
      Psalm 19, The Bay Psalm Book (SM)
New in the Library:
     Metrical Psalm Singing Development, Illustrated With Psalm 19. This is an exploration of versions of Psalm 19 in metre dating from 1562 up to the present, with tunes contemporary to each version of the Psalm.
Added to the Psalms section:
   More of the "Psalms of Ascent"
      Psalm 121, Sternhold and Hopkins
      Psalm 122, Sternhold and Hopkins
      Psalm 129, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 130, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 131, Sternhold and Hopkins
      Psalm 131, Scottish
      Psalm 131, Brady and Tate
      Psalm 132, Sternhold and Hopkins
      Psalm 132, Scottish
      Psalm 133, Sternhold and Hopkins
      Psalm 133, Scottish
      Psalm 134, Sternhold and Hopkins
      Psalm 134, Scottish
  This is all of the "Psalms of Ascent". We have a few additional versions
  of these Psalms that we will add at a later time.
     Psalm 19, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 146, Scottish Psalter
     Psalm 146, Isaac Waatts (in 2 different metres)
     Psalm 146, Charles Wesley

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