Arise, Eternal, O My God

Words: portions of Psalm 10
as published in: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed. alt

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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 1.  The wicked in their pride pursue
        and make the poor their prey;
     Let them be taken in the snare
        which they for others lay.
     The wicked, thru his pride of face,
        on God will never call;
     And in the counsels of his heart
        the Lord is not at all.

 2.  Within his heart he thus hath said,
        I never moved shall be;
     and no adversity at all shall
        ever come to me.
     With cursing, fraud, and foul deceit,
        His mouth is always filled;
     While vanity and mischief lie
        beneath his tongue concealed.

 3.  Arise, Eternal, O my God,
        lift up Thy hand on high;
     Put not the poor and humble ones 
        out of Thy memory.
     O judge the fatherless and those
        beneath oppression sore;
     That man, who is but sprung of earth,
        may them oppress no more.

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