Blest and Happy is the Man

Words: Based on Psalm 1: 1-4
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Original words from "The Book of Psalms for Singing" and "The Trinity Psalter"

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 1  Blest and happy is the man
    Who does never walk astray
    Nor with the ungodly men
    Stands in sinner's way.

    All he does prospers well
    But the wicked are not so
    They are chaff before the wind
    Driven to and from

 2  Ne'er in scorner's chair he sits,
    for he places his delight
    In God's law and meditates
    on it day and night.


 3  He shall be a tree that grows,
    planted by the river's side,
    Which in season yields its fruit;
    green its leaves abide.


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