Blow the Horn, Let Zion Hear

Words: anonymous, inspired by Joel 2

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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  1. Blow the horn, let Zion hear,
        for God's day is now at hand.
     Let the people tremble in
        this day of clouds and gloominess.
     Troops so great and mighty strong,
        there has never been the like;
     Nothing shall escape as they
        devour the stubble on their way.

  2. Fire before them shall devour,
        flames ablaze are left behind;
     Such as Eden was shall become
        a wilderness that's desolate;
     Like the noise of chariots;
        and as horse-men do they run;
     Nothing shall escape as they
        devour the stubble on their way.

  3. People are faint at their sight,
        for they run like mighty men,
     Moving each on his own way
        they do not tangle in their paths,
     Each does follow his own line,
        climbing walls like men of war;
     Then they charge as warriors and
        advance like fighters on their way.

  4. They upon the city leap,
        break thru weapons each unharmed
     Run up on the walls and climb
        in houses thru the windows leap;
     Earth is quaking as they come,
        heaven shake, stars cease to shine;
     Then th'Eternal thunders and
        the sun and moon become both black!

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