By the Waters of Babylon

Words: anonymous, Psalm 137

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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 1  By the waters of Babylon,
    there we wept and there sat down;
    Hung our harps on the willow trees;
    Zion yet we remembered thee!
    Then our captors required of us;
    "Sing a song of Zion now!"
    Could we sing the Eternal's songs
    by the waters of Babylon?

 2  Let my right hand forget here skill,
    if Jerusalem I forget;
    If I fail to remember thee,
    let my tongue cleave unto my mouth!
    But we thought of Jerusalem
    when we sat near Zion's streams;
    Far above even our chief joy,
    We remembered Jerusalem.

 3  In that day of Jerusalem's fall,
    when the children of Edom said,
    "Down with here, down unto the ground,
    even to the foundations!"
    O thou daughter of Babylon,
    to thy ruin hast'ning on;
    Happy he that rewardeth thee,
    just as thou unto us hast done.

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