Come, See the Works of God

Words: anonymous, Psalm 46, 
possibly a re-work from the Presbyterian Psalter of 1887

Music: Dwight Armstrong
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 1  O God, our strength and refuge proves
       in all distress a present aid;
    Thou the trembling earth remove,
       we will never be dismayed.
    Kingdoms moved, the nations raged,
       and the earth melted at His Word;
    The Lord of Hosts for us engaged,
       our refuge high is Jacob's God.

 2  A river flows, whose living streams
       gladdens he city of our God;
    Tents where heavenly glory beams,
       where the Lord has His abode.
    God has Zion His dwelling made;
       she shall never more be moved;
    Her God shall early give His aid;
       He her help has ever proved.

 3  Come, see the works of God displayed,
       wonders of His mighty hand;
    Desolations He has made,
       ruins spread through all the land.
    "Be still, know I am God Most High;
       o'er the nations I will reign."
    The Lord of Hosts to us is nigh;
       Jacob's God our help remains.

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