Declare His Works to All Nations

Words: anonymous, based on fragments of Psalm 9:1-4, 7-12, 19, 20

Music:   Dwight Armstrong
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 1.  I will sing, O most High, 
        praises to Thy name with my whole heart!
     And proclaim Thy wonders great;
        I will rejoice and exult in Thee!
     My foes fall at Thy sight,
        for Thou hast maintained my cause and my cry;
     God will judge from His throne;
        He shall remain for ever more!

 2.  God will rule uprightly,
        judge the world in righteousness.
     The oppressed who seek him,
        He will to them a refuge be.
     For the Lord will not forget
        those who put their trust and confidence in him.
     To the Lord sing His praise
        declare His works to al nations!

3.  God most High in Zion dwells;
       He will not forget His people;
    They declare His great works,
       and He will not forget their cry.
    Rise, O Lord! put them all in fear!
       All the nations that forget that Thou art God.
    Judge them, Lord, in Thy sight;
       Let the nations know they are but men!

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