Fools Have Said that There Is No God
(RCOG - "God Looked Down From Heaven")

Words: anonymous, from Psalm 53

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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 1  Fools have said that there is no God;
       They in their heart conclude;
    They are corrupt their works are vile.
       Not one of them doeth good.
    God did from heav'n look down upon 
       the sons of men abroad,
    To see if any one were wise,
       Any seeking after God.

 2  They are all of them backward gone,
       All of them are depraved;
    And there is none that doeth good,
       No not a single one.
    Have those who work iniquity
       no knowledge, none at all?
    My people they devour like bread,
       And on God they do not call.

 3  God has rejected all of them;
       They will be put to shame.
    Such terror there has never been;
       Great terror on them falls.
    For God will scatter all the bones
       of the ungodly men.
    He will defeat their evil plan;
       And put them all to shame.

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