Forever Shall He Reign!

Words: portions of Psalm 102

Music:   Dwight Armstrong
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  1.  Hear my prayer, O Thou Eternal;
         hide not Thy face from me;
      Hear my cry and quickly answer,
         when my day of trouble comes.
      Like grass my heart is withered,
         my days like grass consumed;
      My God, take not my life now,
         in the midst of my days.

  2.  When our God returns from heaven,
         then Zion shall be built;
      He shall come in all his glory;
         He shall help the destitute.
      Their prayers He will despise not;
         their groaning He will hear;
      And they shall dwell in safety,
         for our God shall return.

  3.  When all people then are gathered
         to serve the Lord their God
      To declare His name in Zion,
         in Jerusalem His praise!
      All kings shall see His glory,
         all nations hear His name!
      His fame shall be declared then,
         and forever shall He reign! 

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