For It Is God Who Orders Life

Words: anonymous, based on Psalm 39

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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  1.  I said my ways I'll guard with care,
         Lest with my tongue I sin, O God;
      I put a bridle on my lips, When in 
         the presence of ungodly men
      With silence I became as dumb;
         I held my peace but to no avail.
      Sorrow within my heart was stirred;
         My distress grew hot as fire!

  2.  Then with my tongue I spoke these words;
         Let me know my end, O God;
      What is the number of my days;
         O let me know how fleeting is life.
      Thou hast made my days as a span;
         They are as nothing in Thy sight,
      Surely before Thee all men stand;
         As a mere breath they stand before Thee..

  3.  O surely man is but a breath;
         Like a shadow he goes about;
      Men are in turmoil all for nought;
         Wealth do they gather but all in vain.
      Now, O God, for what do I wait?
         My hope in Thee is; my sin forgive.
      O make me not the scorn of fools!
         I shall not speak but remain as dumb.

  4.  For it is God who orders life;
         Take away Thy stroke from me.
      I am consumed by Thine own hand,
         When Thou dost chasten man for all his sin.
      Man's life is vain and wasted away;
         Hear Thou my cry and hold not Thy peace!
      Spare me that I may gladness know,
         O God, recall how fleeting is life.

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