Give Ear to My Prayer, O Lord
(RCOG - "A Prayer to God")

Words: anonymous, based on Psalm 143:1-8

Music: Dwight Armstrong
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 1  Give ear to my prayer, O Lord, 
       And my supplications hear;
    Answer me in faithfulness; 
       In Thy righteousness.
    Into judgment enter not 
       With Thy servant Lord, I pray;
    For no living man is just 
       Righteous in Thy sight.

 2  For the enemy, my foe, 
       Persecuted he my soul;
    My life hath he smitten down; 
       Down unto the ground;
    Made me in the darkness dwell; 
       As those that have long been dead.
    My spirit is overwhelmed, 
       My heart desolate.

 3  I remember days of old; 
       Meditate on all Thy ways;
    And I muse on all Thy works; 
       All Thy hands have wrought.
    After Thee my soul does thirst; 
       As a thirsty land, Selah.
    Hear me, Lord, make haste I pray, 
       For my spirit fails.

 4  Lord hear me, I pray of Thee, 
       Hide not Thou Thy face from me;
    Lest like unto them I be; 
       Down unto the dust.
    Cause Thy servant, Lord, to hear; 
       Show Thy loving kindness, Lord;
    For I lift my soul to Thee; 
       I in Thee do trust.

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