Go Ye Therefore Into All the World

Words: anonymous, from Matt 28:19-20 & Mk 16:15-20

Music: Dwight Armstrong
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 1  Go ye therefore into all the world;
    preach the gospel unto ev'ry one;
    Teach all nations to observe all things
    I have commanded you.
    Baptize them into the Father's name,
    In the Holy Spirit's and the Son's;
    Lo, I shall be with you to the end;
    lo, I am with you alway.

 2  Those who have believed and are baptized
    shall be saved and live forever more.  ***
    Then as for those who now do believe,
    these signs shall surely follow;
    They shall cast out demons in My name;
    they shall not be hurt by deadly things;
    And they shall lay hands upon the sick,
    And the sick shall be made well.

 3  Christ was taken up into the heav'ns
    after He had spoken all these words;
    There His Father did receive Him and
    place Him at His right hand.
    His disciples went out as He said,
    and they preached the gospel ev'rywhere;
    Christ worked with them and confirmed the word
    by those signs which followed them.
*** Modified in the 1993 WCG hymnal. Original words were: 
   shall be saved while others are condemned.

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