In Thy Lovingkindness Lord

Words: Psalm 51:1-17
Possibly adapted from the 1887 Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church

Music:       Dwight Armstrong
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 1  In thy loving kindness Lord, 
       be merciful to me;
    In compassion great blot out 
       all iniquity.
    Wash me thoroughly from sin, 
       from all guilt cleanse Thou me;
    For transgressions I confess; 
       sins I ever see.

 2  'Gainst Thee only have I sinned, 
       done evil in Thy sight,
    That Thou speaking may be just, 
       and in judging right.
    My iniquities blot out,
       my sin hide from Thy view,
    And in me a clean heart make,
       spirit right renew.

 3  From Thy gracious presence, Lord,
       O cast me not away,
    And Thy Holy Spirit take
       not from me I pray.
    Joy which Thy salvation brings
       again to me restore;
    With Thy Spirit free do Thou
       keep me evermore.

 4  Sacrifice dost thou not want, 
       else would I give it Thee,
    And with offering shalt Thou
       not delighted be.
    For a broken spirit is
       to God a sacrifice,
    And a broken, contrite heart,
       Thou wilt not despise.  

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