Mine Eyes Upon the Lord, Continually Are Set

Words: Psalm 25:15-22, from The Scottish Psalter of 1650

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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  1.     Mine eyes upon the Lord
         continually are set:
      For he it is that shall bring forth
         my feet out of the net.
         Turn unto me thy face,
         and to me mercy show;
      Because that I am desolate,
         and am brought very low.
  2.     My heart's griefs are increased:
         relieve me from distress.
      See mine affliction and my pain,
         and all my sins forgive.
         Consider thou my foes,
         because they many are;
      And it a cruel hatred is
         which they against me bear.
  3,     O do thou keep my soul,
         do thou deliver me:
      And let me never be ashamed,
         because I trust in thee.
         Let uprightness and truth
         keep me, who thee attend.
      Redemption, Lord, to Israel
         from all his troubles send.

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