Mount Zion Stands Most Beautiful

Words: Psalm 48:1-10
According to the old Radio Church of God hymnal, these words are from the "Old Bible"
They are also found in the 1887 Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church

Music Dwight Armstrong
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  1  The Lord Eternal is most great
        and greatly to be praised!
     Within the city of our God,
        upon His holy hill.
     Mount Zion stands most beautiful,
        the Joy of all the Land!
     The city of the mighty King
        doth on her north side stand.

  2  Within her palaces our God
        is for a refuge known;
     For lo, the kings assembled,
        together they did come.
     When they beheld it all amazed,
        they fled in great dismay;
     And being troubled at hy sight,
        they thence did haste away.

  3  As we have heard, we saw within
        the city of our God,
     The city which the Lord of Hosts
        established evermore.
     We of Thy loving kindness thought,
        in Thy most holy place;
     O God, according to Thy name,
        Thy praise fills all the earth!

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