O Lord, Thou Art My God and King

Words: Psalm 145:1,2,8-12
from "The Psalter" 1887 edition, United Presbyterian Board of Publication.

Music:   Dwight Armstrong
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 1  O Lord, Thou art my God and King!
    I'll Thee exalt, Thy praise proclaim!
    I will Thee bless, and gladly sing
    forever to Thy holy name!
    The Lord our God most gracious is;
    in Him compassions also flow;
    In mercy He is rich to bless,
    but unto anger He is slow.

 2  To all the Lord is very good;
    O'er all His works His mercy is;
    Thy works all praise to Thee afford;
    Thy saints, O Lord, thy name shell bless.
    Thy Kingdom's glory they shall show;
    they shall Thy power also tell;
    So that men's sons His deeds may know,
    His kingdom's grace that doth excel.

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