O Thou God of My Salvation
(RCOG - "A Supplication")

Words: Psalm 88:1-14
as found in: "The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America"   c.1889,  slightly altered

Music:       Dwight Armstrong
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 1.  O Thou God of my salvation,
        Day and night I cry to Thee;
     Hear my humble supplication,
        Quickly bow Thy ear to me.
     Filled with grief my soul is sighing;
        To the grave my life draws near.
     Numbered now among the dying;
        Like one helpless I appear.

 2.  Free to sleep in death's dark chamber,
        Like the slain within the grave;
     Whom Thou dost no more remember,
        Whom Thy hand no more shall save.
     In the pit Thy hand has laid me,
        In the darkness and in deeps;
     Sorely has Thy wrath dismayed me;
        O'er my soul affliction sweeps.

 3.  Mourns my eye, my posers languish,
        Sore affliction presses me.
     Lord, I cry to Thee in anguish,
        Daily stretch my hands to Thee.
     But, O Lord, at dawn awaking,
        Prayer and cries I'll send to Thee;
     Why, my God, my soul forsaking,
        Hidest Thou Thy face from me?        

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