Our God is Good and Upright

Words: Psalm 25:8-14, from The Scottish Psalter of 1650

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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  1.  Our God is good and upright
         the way he'll sinners show.
      The meek in judgment he will guide,
         and make his paths to know.
      The whole paths of the Lord
         are truth and mercy sure,
      To those that do his cov'nant keep,
         and testimonies pure.
  2.  Now, for thine own name's sake,
         O Lord, I thee entreat
      To pardon mine iniquity;
         for it is very great.
      What man is he that fears
         the Lord, and doth him serve?
***   Him shall he teach of his own way
         the way he should observe.
  3.  His soul shall dwell at ease;
         and his posterity
      Shall flourish still, and of the earth
         inheritors shall be.
      With those that fear him is
         the secret of the Lord;
      The knowledge of his covenant
         He will to them afford.

*** We slightly altered this to restore the rhyme.

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