Return Again O God

Words: Psalm 60: 1-5, 11-12 from The Scottish Psalter

Music:      Dwight Armstrong

1  O Lord, thou hast rejected us,
       and scattered us abroad;
   For thou hast been displeased with us;
       return to us, O God.
2  For thou hast made the earth to shake;
       within it breaches make:
   Do thou thereof the breaches heal,
       because the land doth shake.        
 3  O Lord, to Thy own chosen people
       hast Thou hard times sent;
    And thou hast made us drink the wine
       of sore astonishment.
 4  And yet a banner thou hast giv'n
       to them who thee do fear;
    That it may be displayed by them
       for sake of truth appear.        
 5  That thy beloved people lord
       may all delivered be,
    Save with the pow'r of thy right hand,
       an answer give to me.
11  Help us from trouble; for the help
       is vain which man supplies.
12  Through God we'll do great acts; he shall
       tread down our enemies. 

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