The Lord Eternal Reigns

Words: anonymous, based on Psalm 97

Music  Dwight Armstrong
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Alternate tune "National Hymn", George Warren, 1894

 1.  The Lord Eternal reigns! Let us rejoice!
     Let all the multitudes of earth be glad!
     Dark clouds surround Him and fire goes before;
     Like wax the mountains melt at his return.

 2.  His lightnings bare the earth; men see and shake!
     His high authority the heavens proclaim!
     All those who idols serve shall be ashamed.
     Judah rejoices and Zion is Glad!

 3.  Our god is far above all other gods!
     He is exalted above all the earth!
     He will preserve His saints, those who love Him;
     Rejoice you righteous and give thanks to God!

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