They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven

Words: Anonymous, based on portions of Psalm 32.
(In approximate order, verses 1, 2a, not in psalm, 8, 10a, 8, 2b, 4a, 3b, 5, 6a, 11)

Music:       Dwight Armstrong
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 1  They are blest who are forgiven,
       to whom God imputes no sin
    [Who go to the Eternal 
       and confess to him their sins]
    Whose iniquity is covered,
       whom the Lord does instruct!
    Saying I will direct you
       in the way that you should go.

 2  Many sorrows have the wicked,
       [Who know not the way of God.]
    Be not as mules or horses,
       Which are held by bridles strong;
    But be glad in the Eternal,
       And rejoice all you just;
    Shout for joy all you upright;
       In whose spirit is no guile.

 3  Day and night God's hand was on me,
       And I groaned till I confessed.
    My sins I laid before Him
       Quickly He forgave them all.
    Ev'ry godly one shall pray thus,
       While the Lord may be found;
    So be glad all you upright;
       All you righteous shout for joy.  

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