To Thee I Lift My Soul

Words: Psalm 25:1-7, from The Scottish Psalter of 1650

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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  1.     To thee I lift my soul:
         I trust Thee, O my God
      let me not be ashamed, nor let,
         my foes triumph o'er me.
         Let none that wait on thee
         be put to shame at all;
      But those that without cause transgress,
         let shame upon them fall.
  2.     Show me thy ways, O Lord;
         thy paths, O teach thou me:
      And in thy Truth lead me Thyself,
         therein my teacher be:
         For thou art God that dost
         to me salvation send,
      And I upon thee all the day
         expecting do attend.
  3.     Thy tender mercies, Lord,
         remember pray I thee,
      And loving-kindnesses; for they
         have ever been of old.
         My sins and faults of youth
         do thou, O Lord, forget:
      After thy mercy think on me,
         and for thy goodness great.

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