Trust in God and Stand in Awe

Words: anonymous, from Psalm 4

Music  Dwight Armstrong
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 1. Hear and answer when I call, O righteous God.
    From distress You set me free; hear now my prayer.
    O how men love vanity; falsehood they seek;
    Turning glory into shame; they are misled.

 2. O how long will sons of men love vanity?
    O how long love vain intrigues; seek after lies?
    Trust in God and stand in awe, and cease to sin.
    Know that God has set apart all godly men.

 3. O that we might see some good! many will say,
    Only look and smile on us, O Righteous God!
    God has given me more joy, than they all know;
    He alone makes me to dwell safely in peace.

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