By the Rivers of Babylon

Words and Music: Mark Graham, based on Psalm 137

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  1. By the rivers of Babylon we sat down,
     Sat and wept as we all remembered Zion;
     It was there on the willows we hung our harps
     When our captors called out for songs.
 2.  Yes, our tormentors wanted the songs of joy;
     They said, "Sing us one of the songs of Zion!"
     Oh, but how could we sing any song of God
     While we dwelt in a foreign land?
 3.  If I ever forget you, Jerusalem,
     May my right hand forget its skill at music;
     If I fail to consider you my chief joy,
     May my tongue never sing again.
 4.  O Eternal, remember what Edom said,
     When Jerusalem fell, oh how they shouted,
     "Tear her down, tear her down!" was the cry that day,
     "And then leave her foundations bare."
 5.  Your destruction is coming, O Babylon,
     We will never forget about the children;
     Happy shall the man be who repays to you
     "All the things you have done to us.

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Words and music 1998, Mark Graham
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