How Excellent In All the Earth

Words: Psalm 8, adapted from  "The Book of Psalms," 1920 
and "The Scottish Metrical Psalms and Paraphrases," 1907

Music: Mark Graham

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  1.  How excellent in all the earth,
         Eternal is thy name!
      Who hast thy glory far advanced 
         above the starry frame.
      From mouths of infants and of babes
         Thou hast a strength ordained,
      That adversaries should be stilled
         and vengeful foes restrained.
  2.  When I look up unto the heav'ns
         which thine own fingers framed;
      Unto the moon, and to the stars,
         which were by thee ordained;
      Than say I, What is man, that he
         remembered is by Thee,
      Or what the son of man, that Thou
         so kind to him should be?
  3.  For man a little lower than
         the angels hast Thou made;
      And placed a crown of glory and
         of honor on his head.
      Appointed lord of all thy works;
         beneath him all things be,
      All flocks and herds, all beasts and birds,
         all fishes of the sea.

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