In Days of Old

Words and music: Mark Graham

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 1.  In days of old the prophets told
        Messiah would appear,
     From Jesse's root a Branch would grow,
        God's kingdom it would bear,
     A mighty king would come and free
        His people from captivity,
     And rule the nations with a rod
        of iron and of fear.

 2.  So no one knew until the shepherds
        heard the angels sing,
     A baby born that autumn morn
        was Israel's promised king.
     He grew into his ministry, 
        he taught with great authority,
     And gave his life to pay the price
        of mankind's wandering.

 3.  Was this the great Messiah then,
        was this the son of man?
     Instead of Judah's lion God
        had sent a humble lamb.
     From sin he set all people free,
        from death he rose triumphantly,
     And then ascended into heav'n
        to sit at God's right hand.

 4.  Oh, come again Lord Jesus, but
        this time with pow'r and might.
     For darkness overwhelms the earth, 
        now come and bring your light.
     Oh, come to us Immanuel,
        Oh come and with your people dwell,
     And rule the world with equity,
        with love and truth and right.

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Words and music 1996, Mark Graham
Used by permission

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