In Joseph's Lovely Garden

Words: Helen A. Dickinson

Music:   Traditional Spanish
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 1.  In Joseph's lovely garden
        the Lord Christ's tomb was made.
     And there His broken body
        to rest was gently laid.
     A great rock strongly sealed it,
        that Death might have full sway;
     But God sent down His angel,
        To roll the stone away.

 2.  When dawn was faintly breaking
        across the garden fair,
     Three women entered weeping,
        and bearing spices rare.
     Then spake the guardian angel,
        in shining raiment bright,
     He whom ye seek is risen,
        and Death is vanquished quite.

 3.  O Jesus, blest Redeemer,
        all praise to thee we bring,
     No pow'r of death could hold thee,
        our Savior, Lord and King!
     As Thou hast ris'n all glorious,
        may we one day arise,
     O'er sin and death victorious,
        in Thy blest Paradise.  

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