Now Let Us Go

Words: Mark Graham

Music:     "Londonderry," Traditional Irish
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  1. Now let us go, and preach to every nation
     The great good news of all that Christ has done.
     He came to earth and gave his life to save us
     And will return in glory like the sun.
     And when he comes, the wilderness shall blossom,
     And all the valleys overflow with spring;
     Each knee shall bend, and every tongue shall praise Him,
     And all the earth will hail the coming of the King.

  2. For Jesus lived and died and rose victorious;
     From all our sins, in love he set us free,
     And every man and woman who receives him
     Can be a child in God's own family.
     And when he comes, the saints shall rise to meet him;
     To all the earth his blessings he will bring,
     And he shall reign forever and forever,
     The Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

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