Psalm 1

Words: adapted from Psalm 1, by Mark Graham

Music:    Mark Graham, 1998
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  1.  Oh, bless-ed is the man who does not walk in wicked ways;
      Who will not with the scoffers sit nor with the sinners stray.
      The law of the Eternal shall be his true delight;
      He meditates upon it forever day and night.
  2.  He shall be like a tree that grows beside the flowing stream,
      Which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf is always green,
      And all he does shall prosper, unlike the wicked men,
      For they are like the chaff that is scattered by the wind.
  3.  And when the day of judgment comes the wicked shall not stand,
      And from God's congregation then the sinner shall be banned.
      God watches o'er his people, and guides all godly men,
      But wicked ways shall perish, and not be seen again.

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Music and Lyrics copyright 1998 by Mark Graham
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