The Mountain of the Lord

Words and music: Mark Graham, from Micah 4:1-5

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  1.  In the last days it shall come to pass
      That the mountain of the house of the Lord
      Shall be lifted o'er the other hills,
      And the nations will come and say:

      Oh, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
      To the house of Jacob's God.
      He will teach us His ways, we will walk in His paths
      Let us go to the mountain of the Lord.

  2.  Out of Zion shall the law go forth,
      From Jerusalem the word of the Lord;
      He will judge the nations of the earth,
      And rebuke strong and distant lands.


  3.  Into plowshares they shall beat their swords,
      Into pruning hooks their spears shall be made;
      They shall not lift up their swords again,
      They will learn the ways of war no more,


  4.  Underneath the vine and fig tree,
      Ev'ry man shall sit in peace, unafraid,
      For the Lord of hosts has spoken it,
      and forever we will walk in His name.


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