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Dwight Armstrong's Songs   Here is a page with all of Dwight Armstrong's songs, searchable by title.
Ross Jutsum's music- by permission of the composer.
Songs by Mark Graham - by permission of the composer.

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Safely Through Another Week 24   269 96  
Salt of the Earth     197    
Save Me, O God, By Thy Great Name
(RCOG - "The Mighty God Is My Helper")
43 44 70 43  
Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us       52  
Seek Ye First         73
Send the Light       157  
Sing Praise to God     104    
Sing Praises and Rejoice
(RCOG - "Sing a New Song, Make a Joyful Noise")
72 74 106   25
Sing Songs of Praise to Him!   63 90   65
Sing to the Lord With Cheerful Voice
(RCOG - "A Song of Joyful Praise")
5 76 111   2
Softly Now the Light of Day 65        
Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart       121  
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus 7   188 23  
Standing on the Promises 3   278 24  
Suffer the Children         18
Sweet Hour of Prayer 59     172  
Take My Life and Let It Be       129  
Take Time to be Holy 70     168  
Teach Me the Measure of My Days     57    
Teach Me to Pray      


Tell Me the Old, Old Story 96     123  
Thank You Lord         20
The Church's One Foundation     254 25  
The Day and Night Are Thine
(RCOG - "The Fount and Flood Were Cleft by Thee")
31 56 82    
The Day of Resurrection       110  
The Gift of Life     133    
The God of Abraham Praise         9
The Heavens God's Glory Do Declare
(RCOG - "The Nineteenth Psalm")
82 16 36 151  
The King Delights, Lord   15      
The King of Love My Shepherd Is     41 89  
The Lion of Judah     286    
The Lord Bless You and Keep You     12 201  

The Lord Eternal Reigns

  73 103   59
The Lord God Reigns         62
The Lord is King     30    
The Lord's  My Shepherd 
(Psalm 23, Scottish Psalter Version)
65 20 40 59 28
The Lord's  My Shepherd 
(Montgomery Version)
11 19 38   27
NEW The Mercy That Never Fails       77  
The Mighty Prince of Peace     176    
The Mountain of the Lord     190    
The Nail Scarred Hand       111  
The New Jerusalem     295   84
The One Whom the Father Sends         30
The Precepts of My God
(RCOG - "One Hundred Nineteenth Psalm")
(WCG74 - "I Hate the Thoughts of Vanity")
60 92 137    
The Prodigal Son 92        
The Servant's Prayer
(UCG - "Lord Teach Me That I May Know")
49 110 156 103 53
The Solid Rock (My Hope Is Built)     207 5  
The Spacious Firmament on High       36  
The Statutes of the Lord       100  
The Trumpet Shall Sound     244


The Wicked Man 58 28      
The Wisdom from Above     274    
Thee Will I Love, O Lord
(RCOG - "My Rock and My Salvation")
32 117 33   81
There Is A Name I Love to Hear      


There is Joy In My Heart         14
There Is a Balm in Gilead     184    
There Is a Place of Quiet Rest       194  
There's a Great Day Coming       136  
Think On These Things     262    
Thine Is the Glory     202    
This Child We Dedicate to Thee     212    
This Is My Father's World     44 150  
This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made       99  
Thou Art Our God Forever   70      
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne       132  
Thou Shepherd that Doth Israel Keep   61 88    
They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven   25 51   70
Through the Love of God, Our Savior       122  
Thy Word, Eternal, is Truth Evermore   12      
'Tis Midnight, and on Olive's Brow       108  
To God Be the Glory     288 26  
To the Eternal I Will Cry   107      
To the Hills I'll Lift Mine Eyes 39 95 140    
To The Work       159  
To Thee I Lift My Soul
(RCOG - "Show Me Thy Ways O Lord")
69 22 47 162 83
Trust and Obey     18 193  
Trust in God and Stand in Awe   3 24    
Turn, O God, and Save Me   5 26    
Turn Thou From Evil
(RCOG - "Depart From Evil")
51 27 53   82
Unless the Lord Shall Build the House 61 96 142    
Unto God I Lift My Voice   59 85


Unto My Earnest Prayer Give Ear
(RCOG - "O, Had I Wings Like Some Swift Dove")
57 46 71    
Vindicate the Justice You Command
(RCOG - "Save Me and Deliver Me")
 95 6      
Wait and Hope and Look for God   30 54    
Wait Upon the Lord
(RCOG - "Thirty Seventh Psalm",
WCG 74 "Rest in the Lord")
83 29 55    
Wake My Heart         3
We Give Thanks To Our Redeemer         66
We Give Thee but Thine Own       182  
We Plough the Fields and Scatter     158    
We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator 27   232 30  
We've a Story to Tell to the Nations     180 145  
What a Friend We Have in Jesus 62     66  
Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?      170


Who Is On the Lord's Side?     8    
When I See the Blood (I will pass over you)       116  
When Israel Out of Egypt Went 29 86      
When Morning Gilds the Skies       37  
Where Shall I Go From Your Spirit, O God?   105 152    
Who Shall Dwell on Thy Holy Hill? 84 14 31    
Whosoever Will       146  
Why Do the Nations Make Plans in Vain?   2      
Wisdom Begins With the Fear of the Lord 22 85 130    
With Happy Voices Singing 36        
Wonderful Words of Life       43  
Won't It Be Great!     174    
Work, For the Night is Coming       158  
Yield Not to Temptation       149  
You Are There       184  

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KEY: RCOG: (Complete) The old, gray "Bible Hymnal" from the Radio Church of God. 
: (Complete) The Bible Hymnal, Worldwide Church of God, 1974
WCG93: Hymnal, The Worldwide Church of God, 1993
CGI94: The hymnal published by CGI in the early '90s.
UCG97: (Complete )The small song booklet distributed by United Church of God in 1997

 Note: Worldwide Church of God has copyrighted all of the Dwight Armstrong songs. However, since the purpose of this web site is partly historical and for research, we believe that using performances of his tunes here is within the bounds of fair use. 
     Visit the Dwight Armstrong section for more information about the heritage of the words of many of Dwight's songs.

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