All Your Might

Words and music: Ross Jutsum
Text based on Ecclesiastes 9:10-11, 11:9

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 1. Whatever your hand finds to do, 
       do it with all your might;
    Whatever is lawful and true, 
        do it within God's sight.
    The challenge is not to the rich, 
        nor to the strong the battle call;
    Riches are not to the wise, 
        time and chance will touch them all.

 2. Rejoice, O young man in your youth,
       let your heart fill with cheer;
    Remember His Word is the truth,
       always to Him draw near.
    The works of the righteous and wise,
       they are always in God's way;
    Wise men posses the good land,
       they shall prosper all their days.  

Words and music copyright 1993 by Ross Jutsum
Used by permission

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