By This Shall All Men Know

Words and music: Ross Jutsum,
Text based on John 13:34-35


 1.  A new commandment I will give,
        to magnify the way to live;
     Love each other as you do,
        with the love I've given you,

     And by this shall all men know,
        all around the world you'll show,
     That you are my disciples
        you're my sister and my brother; 
     And by this shall all men know,
        ev'ry friend and ev'ry foe,
     That you are my disciples
        if you love one another.

 2.  Not called to be luke-warm or cold,
        but zealous like the men of old;
     Do the will of God above;
        grow in his eternal love.


 3.  I give my life for all man-kind,
        and call you at theis special time;
     Do the work and feed the flock;
        build your house upon the Rock.


Words and music copyright 1993 by Ross Jutsum
Used by permission

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