Be Not Afraid My People

Words and music: Sonia J. King, inspired by Psalm 121

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1  Be not afraid; be not afraid my people.
   I am your God who watches over you.
   I do not sleep, and neither do I slumber.
   Sons, be not afraid of man, be you not afraid. 
2  What can man do to those whom I loveth?
   What can man do to those who fear my name?
   I am the Lord, protecting you from danger;
   Though the mountains quake and roar, be you not afraid.
3  I will return, with me ye shall be always.
   My steadfast love, shall not depart from you.
   I am the god of Abraham and Jacob;
   Lift your heads, redemption's near, be you not afraid.

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Words and music copyright 1996 by Sonia J. King
Used by permission

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