Christ, Our Passover

Words and music: Ross Jutsum

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 1. Jesus knew that the time to depart had now arrived
    He must go to the Father up above.
    Having loved His disciples unto the very end,
    Now He showed them the fullness of His love.

     "This bread is my body broken for you;
     do this in remembrance of me.
     This cup, the new covenant is my blood,
     by which you shall all be redeemed."
     Now Christ is our Passover sacrificed;
     eternal life showed us the way,
     We'll take up our cross and deny ourselves
     as we faithfully follow each day. 

 2. And while we were still sinners, Christ died for all our sins,
    Gave His life as a sacrifice for all;
    Showing love and compassion for all His family,
    Jesus Christ, He has reconciled us all.


 3. Let us focus our eyes on our Savior and our King,
    As perfecter and author of our faith.
    for the joy set before Him, our Lord endured the cross
    So that we all would run and win the race.


 4. He will never forsake us, He'll never leave His sons
    And His daughters will never be alone.
    Interceding for sisters and brothers that He loves;
    Serving all of God's children from His throne.


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Words and music copyright 1993 by Ross Jutsum
Used by permission

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