Consider the Lilies

Words and music: Mark Graham 
Text based on Matthew 6:25-33

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 1.  Consider the lilies and how they grow,
     For they never toil or spin you know,
     Yet Solomon in all his finery
     Was never arrayed like one of these.

 2.  And look at the ravens up in the air,
     For they never sow or gather there,
     Yet your Father feeds them from day to day.
     Are you not of far more worth then they?

 3.  If God clothes the grass of the field this way,
     Which lives and which dies in a single day,
     If God feeds the birds of the heavens too,
     Will He not do even more for you?

 4.  So therefore I say, "Take no anxious care,
     For what you shall eat and what you shall wear, 
     But seek first God's Kingdom and righteousness,
     and with all these things you shall be blest."  

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Words and music copyright 1993 by Mark Graham
Used by permission

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