Forgive, And You Shall Be Forgiven

Words and music: Ruth Myrick, 1993

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 1.  How great is the love of our Father,
        Who calls us His dear sons!
     When Christ comes again, we shall be like Him,
        We'll see Him as He is.
     And this is the love He has shown us,
        That Christ laid down His life for all,
     So we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers,
        to this end you are called.

     Forgive and you shall be forgiven;
     Show mercy and this you will have too.
     Do good to all, even your enemies.
     Be merciful to others as your Father is to you.

 2.  When bringing your gift to the altar, 
        you think of an offense;
     You go and become one with your brother,
        then bring your gift again.
     And should someone sin against you,
        go see him, you and he alone;
     Be kind, have compassion, let go of your anger
        and be at peace again.


 3.  To all our example of living
        should be a shining light.
     Be willingly under authority,
        give due respect to all.
     And if you endure pain and suff'ring 
        from unjust cause or oversight,
     Then stand strong and live Christ's example before us;
        trust Him Who judges all.


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Words and music 1993 by Ruth Myrick
Used by permission

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