From the Highest Heaven

Words: Mark Graham
Text based on Revelation 19, Zech 14, Isaiah 35

Music: "De aquel cerro verde," from Peru, accompaniment adapted from A.D. Zanzig
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 1.  From the highest heaven
     comes a white horse riding,
     On his back a mighty king,
     Call him true and faithful.

 2.  Eyes like fire blazing,
     Heaven's armies with him,
     Dressed in linen clean and white,
     they shall strike the nations.

 3.  On that day his feet shall
     Stand upon the mountain,
     It shall cleave from east to west,
     Forming a great valley.

 4.  See the living waters
     Make the dry land blossom,
     All the earth will sing with joy,
     He shall reign forever.  

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Copyright 1995 by Mark Graham
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