From the Realms of Unseen Glory

Words and music: Kevin Ford, 1997

Music:   "Ode to Joy," Ludwig van Beethoven, adapted by Edward Hodges, 1824
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  1.  From the realms of unseen glory,
         Jesus came to earth below
      To a world of hate and anguish
         the Creator's love to show.
      He laid down a life eternal
         to assume the form of man.
      To a world of helpless sinners
         He revealed a wondrous plan.

  2.  As a Lamb is led to slaughter,
         He was offered up to death,
      All our sins He gladly carried,
         even to His final breath.
      So shall angels bring him honor,
         and in praise their voices ring.
      So the saints shall kneel before Him
         when the earth receives its King.

  3.  As the splendor of the heavens
         when the sun shines forth in might,
      In the Kingdom of our Father
         shall the righteous shine as bright.
      Everlasting are the blessings
         the Creator has in store.
      Everlasting are the pleasures
         to be ours forever more.

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