Great God Who Made the Universe

Words and music: Mark Graham

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 1. Great God who made the universe
       and knows the stars by name,
    Who set the sun and moon and all
       the planets in their frame,
    Who made a billion galaxies
       and scattered them through space,
    Who made a jewel and called it Earth
       and gave it honored place.

 2. He made the day, he made the night,
       he made the wind that blows,
    He made the sky, he made the land,
       he made the rain and snow,
    He made the mountains and the plains,
       he made the shining seas,
    He blessed the earth with greenery
       and shaded it with trees.

 3. All living things on earth he made,
       yes ev'ry beast that breathes,
    The birds that frolic in the sky,
       the whales that sport at sea,
    All cattle and all creeping things,
       all creatures great and small,
    And then a man and woman with 
       dominion o'er them all.

 4. The seventh day he made a time
       of rest for God and man,
    That we might ever mindful be
        of his eternal plan.
    Why did God labor mightily,
       to make the earth we see?
    To give a cradle to all life
       and grow his family.

 5. When Christ shall come to earth again,
       all curses shall be done,
    And beautiful as earth was made,
       it shall again become.
    But even still more beautiful
       new heav'n and earth shall be,
    And God at last shall dwell with men,
       for all eternity.  

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Words and music copyright 1996 by Mark Graham
Used by permission

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