How I Love Thy Law, O Lord

Words: from Psalm 119, adapted from The Psalter, 1912

Music: Mark Graham 

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 1.  How I love thy law, O Lord,
     joy to me its truths afford;
     In its light I wisely go
     to battle every foe.

     Sweeter are Thy words to me
     than all other words can be;
     Safe I walk, Thy truth my light,
     hating falsehood, loving right.

 2.  Thy commandments in my heart
     truth and wisdom can impart;
     To my eyes Thy precepts show
     more than my teachers know.


 3.  While my heart Thy word obeys
     I am kept from evil wayl;
     From Thy law, with thee to guide,
     I never turn aside.


 4.  Let my heart pour forth with praise,
     Let me sing of Thy great ways;
     Of Thy word I stand in awe,
     Oh, how I love Thy law!


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