Remember the Sabbath Day

Words and music: Ross Jutsum
Text based on: Exodus 20:8-10, Isaiah 58:13-14 & Mark 2:27-28

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    In six days God made earth and seas and heavens;
    He sanctified and blessed the seventh day.
    God hallowed it and rested from His labor,
    So we can worship Him and follow His way.

    Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy;
    A rest for the people of God, a true delight.
    The Son of Man, He reigns as Lord of the Sabbath,
    And shows His brethren how to do what's right.

    Six days to work, six days to do our labor;
    Christ said he made the Sabbath just for man.
    The seventh day of rest, the Lord He gave us
    The Sabbath, to remind us all of His plan.


    We keep this weekly Holy Day with honor;
    He raised us up to ride earth's highest peak
    And gave us blessings promised to our fathers,
    We worship God the seventh day of the week.


Words and music copyright 1993 by Ross Jutsum
Used by permission

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