Salt of the Earth

Words and music: Mark Graham
Text based on: Matthew 5:13-16

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 1. You are the salt of the earth;
    if salt should lose its flavor,
    How can it become salty again?
    O, it is then good for nothing,
    but it must be thrown away
    And trampled underfoot by men.

 2. You are the light of the world;
    a city on a hilltop
    Cannot be hidden from anyone.
    And no one covers a lighted lamp;
    They put it on a stand
    And it gives light to ev'ry one.

 3. Let your light shine before men,
    that they may see your good works,
    And glorify your Father in heav'n.
    You are the salt of the earth,
    you are the light of the world,
    So shine until I come again.    

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Words and music copyright 1993 by Mark Graham
Used by permission

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