Suffer the Children

Words and music: Mary Beth Philp

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  1. Suffer the children to come unto me.
     Don't forbid them, of such is the Kingdom of God.
     These are the words of our Savior and King
     As He lifted them up in his arms, blessing them.
     Suffer the children, permit them to come;
     Open your arms to your own little ones.
     Suffer the children, they're blessed from above;
     Let not one day pass by without showing your love.
  2. Suffer the children and teach them of God,
     When you sit in your home, when you walk by the way.
     Teach them of judgment, of mercy and faith,
     When they lie down to sleep, when they rise up each day.
  3. Suffer the children, become childlike too.
     Be converted, receive God as little ones do.
     Humble and trusting, believing are they;
     Be god's children, inherit the Kingdom that day.


Words and music copyright 1993 by Mary Beth Philp
We are seeking permission.

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