The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow

Words: from Psalms 82, 85, 86, John Milton, 1648
adapted by Mark Graham

Music:   Anglo-Genevan Psalm 107, from Scottish Psalter of 1635
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 1.  The Lord will come and not be slow
        His footsteps cannot err;
     Before Him righteousness shall go,
        His royal harbinger.

 2.  Truth from the earth, like to a flower,
        shall bud and blossom then;
     And justice, from her heavenly bower
        shall come to mortal men.

 3.  Rise, God, judge Thou the earth in might,
        this wicked earth redress;
     For Thou art He who shall by right
        the nations all possess.

 4.  For great Thou art, and wonders great
        by Thy strong hand are done;
     Thou in Thy everlasting seat
        remainest God alone.  

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