The Mighty Prince of Peace

Words and music: Ross Jutsum,
Text based on Isaiah 9:6

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Upon a horse of brilliant white,
   our Lord, the King returns;
He comes with peace and happiness;
   His love we all shall learn.
With glory, truth and faithfulness,
   the root of Jesse comes.
He rules with grace and mercy, and
   the living waters run.
For unto us a Son is giv'n;
   to us a child is born,
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
   His great new day will dawn.
And He shall reign forever more;
   His kingdom will increase.
He is our everlasting God,
   the mighty Prince of Peace.
Come let us go up to the mount,
   the mountain of the Lord;
for He shall judge with righteousness
   and with His mighty sword.
He'll teach all nations of His law,
   of walking in His ways.
for out of Zion shall go forth
   our thankfulness and praise.
And then we'll see a great new heav'n,
   no death, no tears of pain,
And all the earth will be made new
   when Jesus Christ will reign.
The Holy City from the sky,
   Jerusalem will come,
The tabernacle of our God, 
   and Jesus Christ his son.

Words and music copyright 1993 by Ross Jutsum
Used by permission

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