The One Whom the Father Sends

Words and music: Jonathan Bowles

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   All of the earth rejoice! 
      For our Lord will give you rest.
   Far from the north he will come 
      and shine from east to west.
   Then shall the righteous rise,
      and the clouds will roll and flee
   To the Mount they will come
      and ev'ry eye will see
   That his

   Kingdom shall contain, 
   none that will offend
   for our Lord Mesiah Reigns;
   The one Whom the Father sends!

   Birds on the wind come ride;
      let your cries around you ring
   Down to the valley wide,
      to find the vanquished king;
   There did his armies fall,
      and his mighty warriors cease
   There the world bowed dow
      to bring God's earth its peace.
   And His


   Then shall His people come
      to their land of Israel;
   Back from the natoins price,
      and back from where they fell
   In to His cov'nant law,
      and his Word which makes them free
   Drawn by Christ the Door 
      thru which they'll come to see
   That His


   Nations will then come near
      and seek the light alone
   Drawn by the waters clear
      that flow beneath his throne
   See what His Word has done
      in a land of peace and calm
   So His rule will spread 
      thru ev'ry home and farm
   And His


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Words and music copyright 1996, Jonathan Bowles
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