When Christ Shall Come

Words and music: Mark Graham
Text based on Revelation 19,20

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 1.  When Christ shall come, all heav'n shall join the song.
     Salvation, glory, pow'r to God belong.
     Hallelujah, the Lord Almighty reigns;
     Hallelujah, the Christ has come again.

 2.  The wedding of the Lamb shall come at last,
     And blest are they whom God calls to the Feast.
     Prepare the bride in linen white and clean
     To meet her Lord, when Christ shall come again.

 3.  From out of heav'n an angel shall come down,
     And by his hand all evil shall be bound.
     The cause of sin and death shall be made plain
     for all to know, when Christ shall come again.

 4.  When time is done, the dead shall rise again;
     They shall be judged before the great white throne,
     And God Himself at last shall dwell with men
     Forever-more, when Christ has come again.

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Words and music copyright 1998 by Mark Graham
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