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Alas and Did My Savior Bleed?

Words: Isaac Watts
Subtitled: "Godly sorrow arising from the sufferings of Christ

Music     "Martyrdom," Hugh Wilson, 1800; arranged by Ralph E. Hudson, c 1885
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  1. Alas! and did my Savior bleed
        And did my Sovereign die?
     Would He devote that sacred head
        For such a worm as I?

  2. Was it for crimes that I had done
        He groaned upon the tree?
     Amazing pity! grace unknown!
        And love beyond degree!

  3. Well might the sun in darkness hide
        And shut his glories in,
     When Christ, the mighty Savior died,
        For man the creature's sin.

  4. But drops of grief can never repay
        The debt of love I owe:
     Here, Lord, I give my self away
        'Tis all that I can do.

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