Because I Knew Not When

Words: Sarah Williams, 1868, alt

Music George W. Chadwick, 1893
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 1. Because I knew not when my life was good
    and when there was a light upon my path
    but turned my soul perversely to the dark,
       O Lord, I do repent.

 2. Because I held upon my selfish road
    and left my brother wounded by the way
    and called ambition duty and pressed on,
       O Lord, I do repent.

 3. Because I spent the strength Thou gavest me
    in struggle which Thou never didst ordain
    and have imperfect life to offer Thee,
       O Lord, I do repent.

 4. Because I was impatient, would not wait,
    and thrust my willful hand across Thy threads
    and marred the pattern drawn out for my life,
       O Lord, I do repent.

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